Miguel – Sky Walker Ft Travis Scott

Miguel’s last album Wildheart debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart with 40k sold in the first week. ‘Sky Walker’ is now out in select international markets via Apple Music and will have a global release later tonight (August 24th). Whether he’s metaphorically embodying Luke, Leia, or Anakin is anybody’s guess; perhaps it’s an amalgamation of all three. Either way, the force is with him on this brand new track, which features the enigmatic Travis Scott in a rare guest appearance.

“Nonchalant got the green on rotation all,” sings Miguel, “we gon’ keep it psychedelic.” As you can probably guess from the lyrical content, the subject matter is a celebration on the more creative side-effects of inebriation. While it’s not exactly clear what sort of connection any of this has to Star Wars, “Sky Walker” works adequately as a double meaning, emphasizing the heights of a peak drug trip.

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