Gnash – I Hate U, I Love U ft. Olivia O’Brien

Being an American singer, Olivia O’Brien is commonly known just because of the collaboration with Gnash. Starting with the oceanic scenes along with the forest view, the video seems to be very interesting.

With a very giant figure of views, this sing is literally getting fame and popularity and it’s becoming viral, to some extent. 1.3 million Likes vs only 30K dislikes doesn’t make any difference actually.

The theme of “I hate you, I love you” looks very simple but you don’t know, all the emotions of songwriter are buried inside the lyrics and that’s what the theme is! First 50 seconds are supported by Olivia whereas Gnash steps in the song afterwards while walking through the jungle. One thing I have noticed is that the jungle-part of the song is ignited by Gnash while the oceanic part is aided by the voice of Olivia. The combination of the tree and water looks quite amazing philosophically!

Take A Listen Below

DOWNLOAD Gnash – I Hate U, I Love U ft. Olivia O’Brien


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